Printed Wiring Boards

High-quality electronic wiring boards contribute to the customer’s business. Unique technologies expand possibilities even further.

Our electronic circuit business has been involved in the design of printed wiring boards from the initial stage of product development. From the beginning of development, we have assumed the role to promote the following purposes: the improvement of electrical characteristics and transmission quality, the compliance with various standards, the high reliability of printed wiring boards, and the reduction of development period, all of which are expected to achieve mass production.
We will make use of our long-time expertise in printed wiring boards to contribute to the production of the boards not only for Canon products but also for the products used by all other customers. Supporting from design and mass production and from small lots to large lots, we have been aiming at further improvement in customer satisfaction and expansion of our business, and have been proceeding with the development of new products using our own proprietary technologies and the establishment of new production systems.

Printed Wiring Boards-Design to Prototype

Printed Wiring Boards-Design to Prototype

We are able to design printed wiring boards while considering their final expected mass productivity and component mountability.
A prototype can be designed and mounted according to any customer needs, including the lot size (small or medium) and short delivery times.

Flexible Printed Wiring Boards-Production

We are capable of producing a variety of flexible printed wiring boards using the reel to reel method, supporting from prototype to mass production and mounting.

Flexible Printed Wiring Boards
Printed Wiring Board

Rigid Printed Wiring Boards-Production

Our Thai Printed Wiring Board Factory is able to manufacture products with high reliability and high density, as well as products with soft gold plating which is a specification implemented only by the factory in the ASEAN countries.