Consent for the Treatment of Personal Information

Please use this form to send us your comments and requests regarding the products and website of Canon Components, Inc.  

Before you send us your inquiry, you must read and agree to the "Description of How We Handle Personal Information" below. In this website, we protect and manage personal information with the utmost care based on Canon Components, Inc.'s "Personal Information Protection Policy.“

Description of How We Handle Personal Information


These descriptions apply to the handling of personal information provided by the customer on the site operated by Canon Components, Inc. (hereafter referred to as the "Site").

Personal information

In the information mentioned below, "personal information," as it pertains to these descriptions, indicates information by which the customer can be personally identified.

  • Information that a customer provides to the company by entering it on a *form provided on the Site
  • Other information that the customer provides to the Company with regard to the Site

Purposes of use

The Company will only use personal information as necessary to fulfill the following.

  • Respond to customer inquiries
  • Provide after-sales service to customers
    Canon Components, Inc. will disclose personal information, within the scope of fulfilling these "purposes of use," to Canon-group companies and third parties to which the Company consigns operations.

Providing personal information

In order to inquire for information, you will need to provide certain personal information to us. Providing your personal information is optional. However, if you don't, we may not be able to respond to you.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

We do not disclose the personal information you have provided to us with any third parties except under the following circumstances.

  • You have consented to its disclosure.
  • The disclosure of personal information is required by law or regulations.
  • We have to entrust your personal information to our out-sourced service providers.

Special remarks

We ask customers to agree to these descriptions before they provide their personal information. You may not be able to use our inquiry service unless you agree to these descriptions. Customers aged 16 or younger must obtain the consent of their legal guardian before they use the inquiry service.

Referral, revision, and deletion

Should you need to refer, revise, or delete the personal information you have provided, please contact us at the inquiry desk below. We will undertake the necessary investigations and refer, revise, or delete your information based on the result of the investigation.


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