Message from the President

Yutaka Kikuchi

In 1984, Canon Components, Inc. was established as a production site for the important and key components used by Canon Group companies. Currently, we are the R&D manufacturing company with four business groups, and has been operating various business activities consistently, ranging from development, design, production and sales to patent acquisition.

For the production of high-resolution image reading sensors and printed circuit boards, we perform related tasks such as development, design, production, sales, and patent acquisition in an integrated way. This allows us to respond flexibly to customer needs The production of ink, ink cartridges, and ink tanks has been completed with high manufacturing technology, which delivers high quality products. We maintain a stringent quality assurance system that complies with the laws and regulations in order to manufacture medical products including flat panel detectors, ophthalmic equipment, and video sensing modules. This is why we are able to provide high-quality products trusted by customers.

In these days of drastic changes in the business environment, we have positioned "Achieving a data-driven organization that is ahead of and responsive to change" as one of our key management initiatives.
We will combine the comprehensive technological capabilities we have cultivated with Digital Transformation to demonstrate the "enterprising spirit" of the Canon Group and continue to create new value.
In accordance with the Canon Group's philosophy of “Kyosei," the company strives to become a beloved company that moves with the local community and works to achieve the SDGs.
We have been and will continue to contribute to the realization of a better society through our continuous innovation activities.

President and CEO
Tomoaki Matsumoto

Yutaka Kikuchi